What are Cosmeceuticals?

The term cosmeceutical evolves from two words, namely―‘cosmetic’ and ‘pharmaceutical’―suggesting both its scientific and medical origin of the concept. This term was coined by Prof. Albert M. Kligman, University of Pennsylvania Medical School, USA.

Traditional cosmetics are generally meant for beautifying the body and improving the skin’s external appearance superficially; whereas cosmeceuticals are scientifically validated, topical dermatological ingredients or preparations (creams, lotions, serums etc) containing active ingredients that can impart obvious and visible changes to the skin by influencing biological functions of the skin―backed by proven clinical benefits. When applied topically, a cosmeceutical has the potential to reach necessary layers of the skin and bring about noticeable improvements―ranging from reducing acne severity to offering photoprotection to the skin from radiation damage and in turn offering radiant complexion.

Due to their broad-spectrum of applications, cosmeceuticals are the panacea that helps keep skin healthy, glowing and good-looking.