Broad-spectrum UV Protection & Prevents
the Formation of Skin-damaging Free Radicals


UV-irradiation induces structural and cellular changes in all the compartments of skin tissue. The incidence of sunlight-induced skin-aging and skin cancer has been increasing in many parts of the world. The UV-B rays from sunlight are absorbed epidermally and are responsible for causing erythema and excess skin pigmentation. UV-A rays can penetrate deeper into the skin with their much lower energy levels, causing long term effects, such as accelerated skin aging.

The damage caused by UV exposure is not only visible on your face, but lurks under the skin’s surface, making your complexion appear dull, sallow, uneven and aged. Much of the appearance of environmental aging is visibly reversible.

  • pTeroWhite®

    Natural skin lightening ingredient containing a minimum of 90% Pterostilbene from a purely natural source, the heart wood of Indian Kino (Pterocarpus marsupium). It showed mild-to-moderate UV protection potential comparable to Resveratrol.

    • Antioxidant activity (In vitro study)
    • UV protection (In vitro study)

  • Galanga Extract

    Claimed to boost the sun protection efficacy, Galanga extract from
    Kaempferia galanga is standardized for 98% ethyl p-methoxycinnamate; it has been evaluated for its excellent UV absorption activity and can render photostability to the formulation.

    • Photostability to formulation (In vitro study)
  • Artonox®

    Obtained from the dried heart wood of Artocarpus lakoocha, standardized to contain 95% Oxyresveratrol, an analog of resveratrol. A natural skin care ingredient found to have antioxidant and significant UV-B protection.

    • Antioxidant activity (In vitro study)
    • UV protection (In vitro study)