Provides Nourishment to Optimize Skin Renewal

Skin Vitality

Skin vitality is a believed to be a cumulative effect of appropriate nourishment and protection from external damage. Adequate nourishment to the skin ensures better cell renewal rate and suppleness to make the skin appear smooth and healthy.

  • CococinTM

    CococinTM is the freeze-dried tender coconut water available in a free-flowing powder form. It is a nutrient dense component, which is rich in proteins, amino acids, sugars, vitamins, minerals and growth hormones essential to promote tissue growth. Presence of the right nourishment factors may ensure that the skin remains hydrated and healthy at all times to avoid looking dull and flaky

    • Promotes cell growth (In vitro study)
    • Facilitates cutaneous wound healing (In vitro study)

  • LactoSpore®

    In addition to the well known role of probiotics in maintaining gut health, it may have a protective role to play as it can produce an anti-microbial effect when used topically. It may also facilitate the growth of healthy microbiota on the skin surface and hold the potential to induce beneficial changes at the dermal and sub-dermal levels of the skin.

    • May be useful to treat mild acne lesions
    • Acts as an antioxidant and manage acidic skin pH
    • Reduces transepidermal water loss (TEWL)
    • Protects skin against UV radiation and reduces fine lines and wrinkles