Keeps your Feet Hydrated, Supple and Relaxed

Foot Care

In the whole human body, feet are the most strained and worked out part, but in spite of this, they are the most neglected ones. Lack of proper care for feet results in many problems like corns, cracks, infections and ingrown nails.

  • Centellin® CG

    Obtained from the leaves of Centella asiatica and standardized for 40% total triterpenes. It improves synthesis of collagen and stimulates collagen remodeling―helps in wound healing and scar management.

    • Wound healing property (In vitro study)
    • Management of cracked feet (Clinical study)
  • CococinTM CG

    A GRAS-affirmed extract, obtained from Green tender coconuts. Packed with a powerhouse of micronutrients and growth promoters, it is evaluated to promote cell proliferation.

    • Fibroblast proliferation study (In vitro study)