Sabinsa’s Cosmeceuticals: A Perfect Blend of Art and Science

A judicious blend of art and science is critical in creating natural cosmeceuticals for use in mainstream cosmetic products. The major challenge in innovation is finding ingredients that are compatible with existing formulations. Aesthetics is particularly an important concern. For example, while there is a large amount of interest in using natural-botanical extracts in cosmetic preparations, but a color that is too dark, a gritty texture or dispersibility problems could render the "healthy and natural" ingredient unattractive .
For over 27 years, Sabinsa Corporation has pioneered the manufacturing and introduction of several innovative phytonutrients to the US and global markets. These were primarily used by the dietary supplement, food and pharmaceutical industries as nutraceuticals to address specific preventive health maintenance needs. In later years, the focus expanded to include cosmeceuticals with multifunctional applications in personal care products as well. Market-oriented research and concerted new product development efforts resulted in a wide range of products fulfilling specific personal care needs of beauty-seekers!