Concept of Cosmeceuticals in Ayurveda

In ancient times, the concept of cosmetics implied attaining longevity aided with good health rather than mere focus on attractive external appearance. Hence, there are evidences available stating highly advanced concepts of self - beautification and a wide range of cosmetics, used by both men and women in ancient India. It has also been clearly documented that ancient Indians conceived this practice majorly based on natural resources and in addition, most of these practices were season―based and were subtly interlaced with daily routine.

According to Ayurvedic literature, several formulae involving herbs and other natural ingredients had formed the daily routine skin care procedure in olden days. They were used as external applications in the form of packs, oils, herbal waters, powders and were classified further based on the temperature, duration and thickness of application, effect of the application for healing, beautifying, anti-aging etc.

Ever since, herbal and fruit extracts, and essential oils are being effectively used in medicines, food supplements and personal care-owing to their safe and holistic efficacy. Similarly, Ayurveda-based cosmeceuticals are valued and prized because of the vast established knowledge of ancient traditional system. Hence, a wide range of natural cosmeceuticals are offered, providing a palette of phytoextracts for ageless, toned-skin, smoothing its imperfections and increasing its hydration level, thus restoring radiance and a healthy look―while actively protecting the skin and prevent premature aging as well.